'Chicago P.D.' Alum Sophia Bush Joins 'Jane the Virgin' for Final Season

Chicago P.D. alum Sophia Bush is joining the cast of Jane the Virgin for the CW [...]

Chicago P.D. alum Sophia Bush is joining the cast of Jane the Virgin for the CW satirical-telanovela's final season.

This week, actor Justin Baldoni — who plays Rafael Solano on the series — took to Instagram to share a photo of himself with Bush and Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez, announcing Bush's addition to the cast.

"This is a man who is very grateful to be between two women who are literally changing the game. How cool that I get to work with amazing humans like this!? I've realized that there's something about being in the presence of powerful women that actually grounds and calms me. (I mean look at who I married [Emily Baldoni])," Baldoni wrote in a caption on the post.

(Photo: Justin Baldoni / Instagram)

"I'm so grateful that the supremely talented, kind-hearted and bad a— feminist- social justice warrior [Sophia Bush] who I LOOOVE and adore came to play with us on [Jane the Virgin] this week," he continued, then adding, "I can't tell you who she is playing except that some of you may not be happy about it #canttellyou #sorrynotsorry #thefinalseason #march27."

In addition to Bush, the final season of Jane the Virgin will also feature former The Middle star Eden Sher, according to a report from ET.

Recently, series creator Jennie Snyder Urman opened up about what the show has in store for fans during the fifth and final season.

"We go through all the feels this last season, certainly," Urman told the crowd at the Television Critics Association press tour in January. "... The theme this year is things coming full circle. I want to revisit certain moments, both visually and emotionally, and in storylines that feel similar in some ways -- a mirror to where we started, but have shown how much these characters have grown and changed."

"... We're going to revisit a few issues that have come up with the couples and with the relationships that are handled in different ways because you're not the same person, five years later. I'm not the same person, Gina's not," she added. "For the audience, to see that these people have grown up a little bit and they make their decisions in a slightly different way and different things are more important because what happens in life, your priorities shift. I want a real sense of closure in the end."

"Our philosophy in the writers' room is how can we have our cake and eat it too? How can this person die and then come back? How can this person cry and then laugh? We find something beautiful out of something tragic," Urman went on to say. "I'm trying to push that into our last season where we can have it all, where we can have these big family moments. I want to say goodbye in the right way and I feel I want to stick the landing. That's a lot of pressure, but I want to."

Jane the Virgin's final season premieres Wed. March, 27 on The CW.