Cheech Marin Talks New 'Nash Bridges' Movie, Chances for Series Revival (Exclusive)

Cheech Marin spent six seasons as Lieutenant Joe Dominguez on the CBS cop series Nash Bridges, starring alongside Don Johnson. The show ran from 1996 until 2001, and was a big hit with audiences for its blend of action and comedy, and, of course, its charismatic leads. Now, two decades since they rode off into the sunset in Nash's 1971 Plymouth Barracuda convertible, the guys are back in a new revival film that Marin tells could very easily turn into a whole new series.

In an exclusive interview with the legendary actor and comedian, Marin revealed "there's a great deal of chance" that Nash Bridges could be revived as a series, presuming the movie is a hit with fans. "I think they're talking about it now, and I would love to do that," he shared. Marin went on to confess that working on Nash Bridges was "easy in the fact that I really loved doing it, but it was a tough job. You're on that set all day, every day." He also shared that he still gets recognized as Joe to this day. "If you get something that's on every week for six years and it's a hit show, you're going to get a lot of recognition for that," he said. "It was just great. People in the audience love that character."

Marin also offered an update on Joe and Nash, sharing where fans will see the two men now, 20 years after they left TV. "Nash is still a policeman, kind of edging towards the end of his career. And I have left the police force initially, and I have a dispensary that I've opened," he explained. "I get called in to consult by Don on this case. He needs me. And so, I come back." When it comes to Joe running a marijuana dispensary, Marin admitted that, as much as he wishes it had been his idea, that was something scriptwriter Bill Chais developed. "They wrote it for me. He says, 'You'll have a dispensary.' I said, 'Well, I could probably do that,'" Marin joked.


Finally, Marin shared that the revival project is something he and Johnson have occasionally spoken about over the years, so he always felt like it was going to happen sooner or later. We always knew that we were going to work together on something going forward," he said, "because our connection was just so strong, that why let that go to waste?" The two would chat about a "start date," and then one day it manifested. "Lo and behold, the start date comes, and we went up to San Francisco and relived it. It was wonderful," Marin said. The two-hour Nash Bridges revival movie airs Saturday at 9 pm. ET, on USA Network.