Bobby Flay Reportedly Quits 'Iron Chef Showdown' in the Middle of Filming New Episode

One of Food Network's most famous stars has reportedly quit Iron Chef Showdown in a super dramatic way.

Bobby Flay, who has appeared on Iron Chef and Throwdown! with Bobby Flay on the network for years, reportedly tore off his apron in the middle of the Showdown to show a shirt that read "THIS IS MY LAST IRON CHEF BATTLE EVER," according to a post written by Vanity Fair writer Allen Salkin.

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The episode hasn't aired yet, but producers allegedly will find it hard to cut around Flay's actions.

Flay apparently knew this, reportedly replying "That's the point" when confronted. Producers are apparently now discussing whether they should blur Flay's shirt when the episode does air, according to Salkin.

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The reasoning behind Flay's stunt has not been reported, but rumors that the chef has been uninterested in the Iron Chef franchise have been flying for years.


"That entire thing is in flux right now," a source told Salkin. "Nothing has been decided or settled."

Photo Credit: Food Network