'Blue Bloods' Pays Tribute to Late Guest Star

The latest episode paid tribute to Treat Williams, who recurred as Lenny Ross, Frank's former partner and oldest friend.

Blue Bloods paid tribute to fan-favorite guest star Treat Wiliams in its latest episode, which aired on Friday, Mar. 1. The actor died in June 2023 after a motorcycle accident and had appeared in six episodes of the long-running CBS procedural as Lenny Ross, Frank Reagan's former partner and longest friend. Williams' last appearance on the series was actually towards the end of last season, in which it was revealed Lenny had cancer, and it coincidentally set up the perfect sendoff.

In "Fear No Evil," Tom Selleck's Frank received news of Lenny's death from his daughter Tess (Simone Policano) after she was arrested due to a bar fight. She admitted that her father died the previous night when the cancer caught up to him. Frank struggled with how best to handle Tess, ultimately deciding to keep her in jail overnight, honoring Lenny's wishes of doing what's best for her. He spends the episode trying to get through to her and, in turn, even having a tough conversation with his own father. Henry tells him to be a little more sensitive with Tess, and later, Frank shows up at the bar she works at, giving him information on a defense attorney and inviting her to family dinner.

Alas, Tess does not show up to the Reagan family dinner that Sunday. However, Frank does give a little speech in honor of his friend. "There's also someone who ate here with us over the years but who won't be back," Frank began. "Lenny Ross was my oldest friend, my closest confidant, my getaway driver. And I lost him this week. And it hurts like hell. But Lenny would hate it if we got all teary and quiet and sad, so Lenny: We'll miss ya. And save me a seat at your table, and I'll see ya on down the road." 

The episode ended with an In Memoriam card reading, "In memory of our great friend, Treat Williams 1951-2023," alongside a photo of him and Tom Selleck. Following Williams' death, many Blue Bloods stars paid tribute to the actor, including Selleck, Bridget Moynahan, and more. His Season 13 episode of Blue Bloods was his on-screen credit to be released in his lifetime. His final performance is in the second season of FX's Feud, which drops on Wednesdays.

It was a touching tribute to Williams and one that he definitely would have loved. It's unknown if there were plans to bring him back for Season 14 prior to his death, but at least fans were able to see him one last time in Season 13, Episode 20. "Fear No Evil" is streaming now on Paramount+, along with all episodes of Blue Bloods.