'Blue Bloods' Actor Nick Cordero Suffers Health Setback Amid Coronavirus Battle

Broadway actor Nick Cordero, who appeared on Blue Bloods, suffered a health setback during his coronavirus battle. On Monday, his wife, Amanda Kloots, told fans his doctors were not able to remove a ventilator after it caused his blood pressure to drop. Cordero has been hospitalized since late last month and tested positive for the coronavirus. He needed his right leg amputated last week.

"Unfortunately, they are not able to remove the ventilator today and put the trach [tube] in because early this morning he got a fever that caused his blood pressure to drop slightly," Kloots said in a video she shared on her Instagram Story, reports E! News. She said Cordero, 41, was back on a "little bit of blood pressure medication," which he stop taking after his condition improved. "They are trying to just really make sure that this fever doesn't really go anywhere, get out of control. They're doing a couple tests to try find out the source of this fever," Kloots explained.

Kloots, a fitness trainer, said she has confidence in Cordero's doctors. "They have got it under control," she assured fans. "They are working on him and taking good care of him, but they are going to set aside the ventilator removal until they get this under control. So please keep us and Nick in your prayers."

The Tony-nominated actor is in a medically induced coma and had his right leg amputated due to an issue with blood clotting. On Friday, Kloots had some good news to share, as doctors said he tested negative for COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus. "Which means we think the virus is out of his system and now we're just dealing with recovery and getting his body back from all the repercussions of the virus," Kloots explained, reports Entertainment Tonight. "But COVID is two negative tests, which means hopefully the virus is out of Nick. Thank God."


In another series of videos Friday, Kloots said Cordero received a temporary pacemaker because of an irregular heart beat, which concerned his doctors. "His heart is functioning well but he's had these dips in his heart rate for a little while now, and this one last night apparently was enough to require them to do this procedure," she said.

Cordero earned a Tony nomination in 2014 for Bullets Over Broadway. His other stage credits include Waitress, Rock of Ages and A Bronx Tale. He also starred on Blue Bloods as Victor Lugo in two episodes and played different characters in two Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episodes. Last year, he starred in the movie Mob Town with David Arquette.