'Blue Bloods' Alum Nick Cordero's Doctors Say He Should Have Woken up by Now After Leg Amputation Due to Coronavirus

Days after Broadway star and actor Nick Cordero's leg was successfully amputated amid the medically induced coma doctors put him in during his battle with the coronavirus, Cordero's wife, fitness personality Amanda Kloots, said she and loved ones are patiently waiting for him to wake up. In a health update via Kloot's Instagram Stories on Thursday, she described the "waiting game."

Following the amputation, Cordero underwent an MRI on his brain and spine to assess other possible hurdles in his recovery. "The doctors said that there was nothing on the MRI that would show that he won't wake up, which is amazing news. We are so happy about that because that was a big worry for all of us," she said. "However, he hasn't woken up and it's been 12 days out of sedation. The doctors do think he should have woken up by now." Because the Blue Bloods actor was "heavily sedated" for 13 days prior, Kloots said she is "hoping and praying every day that Nick wakes up."

"I'm putting that energy and positivity out there, because I do believe he will. He is on Nick time and when he wakes up, we'll all be there to celebrate it," she said. But for now, Cordero's team of doctors are planning to continue reducing his medication in hopes of taking him off the ventilator so they can insert a breathing tube to "help him be more comfortable."

"As we are waiting for him to wake up, while he is still sleeping, they are slowly weaning off his body off assistance, which is just great news. Small little wins," Kloots said. She spends time outside the Los Angeles hospital where Cordero is, since she's unable to be by her husband's side through his treatment. "At some point every day I go to [Cedars Sinai] and stand outside the hospital," she recently shared on Instagram. "I talk to Nick, I pray, I play his song and I sing to him! It's the closest I can get to him on a daily basis."

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Cordero, who shares a 10-month-old son with Kloots, was first hospitalized in late March after being diagnosed with pneumonia. He tested negative for coronavirus twice before doctors administered a third test, which came back positive. His stage credits include Waitress and Rock of Ages, as well as a Tony-nominated performance in Bullets Over Broadway. He appeared in three episodes of Blue Bloods in 2017 and 2018, and two Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episodes in 2015 and 2019.