'Blue Bloods' Actor Nick Cordero's Leg Amputated, Currently Resting Amid Coronavirus Battle

Doctors have amputated the leg of Nick Cordero, the Broadway and Blue Bloods actor, as he "fights for his life" amid his recent coronavirus diagnosis. The actor, who played mobster Victor Lugo on Blue Bloods, was having complications as he was being treated for COVID-19 late in the week. On Thursday, it was revealed that he was no longer on an ECMO machine to support his lungs and heart, but was now on a ventilator. However, he was also having blood clot issues in his right leg. On Saturday, Cordero's wife, Amanda Kloots, revealed that the blood thinners doctors were using to fight the clotting caused internal bleeding in his intestines and blood pressure issues. The blood thinner was taken out the equation, and Cordero's leg would then need to be amputated due to the blood clots.

On Saturday night, Kloots revealed the surgery was successful and Cordero is now resting: "We got Nicks song on the radio guys! Thank you to [Steven Van Zandt] every night at 6pm EST on [Sirius XM] channel 21!!! Holy Moly!!! AND right after we finished singing tonight I got a phone call from the hospital saying that Nick made it out of surgery alive and he is headed to his room to rest and recover! AMEN! He is hearing us!!! He is hearing the support, the love and your voices everyday. I just know it. Thank you God for watching over him and for the incredible doctors and nurses @cedarssinai hospital! [heart emoji] I may sleep tonight."

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Kloots has been a steady presence on social media since Cordero was first hospitalized. As Kloots, who shares a 9-month-old son named Elvis with the singer/actor, revealed in an April 1 Instagram post, Cordero was originally diagnosed with pneumonia but, as his condition worsened, they suspected COVID-19 was the true cause.

"My sweet husband needs your prayers please," Kloots wrote at the time. "Nick has been sick for awhile with what we were told last week was pneumonia. Unfortunately we think he was misdiagnosed and we are waiting to hear if this is in fact COVID. He is scared, in the ICU and now unconscious so his body can get enough oxygen. We are all trying to stay positive and strong knowing that he is in the best care."

After testing positive for the coronavirus, his treatment took a turn for the worse on April 11 as he lost his pulse. Kloots saidher husband, who also appeared on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Lilyhammer, was "fighting for his life."


"He lost consciousness, he lost his pulse and they had to resuscitate him," Kloots said in an April 11 video. "They had a very hard time getting him back. I got a phone call at 2:30 in the morning, they needed my consent to put him on dialysis to assist with his kidneys. This afternoon, we got a phone call that things were really moving in the right direction and that his life was being saved, which was huge. And we all kind of celebrated for a minute until... they had to go into immediate surgery to save the blood flow to his leg."

She added, "He is struggling. Just every minute counts right now. Please keep praying." She later wrote, "He is fighting for his life right now."