'Blue Bloods': Eddie's New Partner is a Pain Until She Learns a Surprising Fact

Working with a new partner is never easy in the beginning, and that was the case for Officer Eddie Janko in Friday's Blue Bloods episode, "Reality Check." She was not happy about working with Officer Luis Badillo, who also disagreed with her methods. Eventually, Sgt. Jamie Reagan finally told Eddie what Badillo's deal was, changing how Eddie saw Badillo.

The episode began with Badillo (Ian Quinlan) bringing his concerns up to Jamie (Will Estes). While Badillo is thirsty for action, Eddie (Vanessa Ray) likes to do things by the book and help the public. Jamie told them their differences are why he put them together in the first place so they could learn from one another's methods. Badillo felt like he's learned enough from his past precinct, but Jamie wouldn't listen to any of his further complaints. A few moments later, the whole scene was replayed, but with Eddie in place of Badillo. Jamie told her that he wanted her to help Badillo learn some people skills, but Eddie doesn't think Badillo will ever learn.

Later on, Badillo and Eddie responded to a robbery at a bodega. Once they got there, Badillo wanted to take immediate action, but Eddie wanted to wait for backup because there were three suspects. Badillo ran inside anyway through a back entrance and fired off a shot. Eddie ran in to find the suspects on the ground, ready to be arrested. Eddie was not happy about this at all. She threatened to report him for firing needlessly, but Badillo said it was an accidental discharge, and she missed that because she was outside. Jamie interrupted their argument. "Right on cue," Badillo said as he walked away. Eddie was too angry to talk to Jamie either.

After her shift was over, Jamie told Eddie she was right, and Badillo acted completely inappropriately during the shooting. However, he didn't want her to give up on Badillo yet. Badillo is still struggling with PTSD, five years after one of his past partners was shot and killed. "Why didn't anyone tell me that? Why didn't you tell me that?" a confused Eddie asked. Jamie said he never wanted people to pity him or constantly bring up the fact that one of his partners was killed in the line of duty, and he thought Badillo would be the same way. "My partner is walking case of PTSD... Don't you think I should know that?" Eddie asked. "After today, yes," Jamie said, apologizing. He also hopes that Eddie could be as supportive of Badillo as she was for Jamie after his partner was killed. "Will you help him?" he asked.

Eddie must have said yes because she later took Badillo to a street corner named for his old partner. Eddie tried to understand why Badillo goes through partners so quickly, but he wouldn't open up. "You're my partner, not my therapist," he told her. "You need to figure out if you can do this job or not because riding with someone else is in the job description," she replied. Badillo was prepared to walk away, but Eddie told him about how she helped out Jamie after his partner died. "You're saying I'm husband material?" Badillo asked. "In your dreams!" Eddie said. She then told him she understands what he's going through, but they have to learn how to work together and respect one another, or they could end up dead. "OK... I got you," Badillo said.


Eddie needed a new partner after Officer Rachel Witten (Lauren Patten) left in the October episode "True Blue." Badillo was then introduced in last month's "Be Smart or Be Dead." If Badillo looks familiar, that's because Quinlan also starred in Gotham, The Long Road Home, Orange is the New Black, and Jupiter's Legacy.

Elsewhere in "Reality Check," Erin (Bridget Moynahan) took a hard look at her personal life and realized that her lack of friends might hurt her chances in the D.A. election. Frank (Tom Selleck) clashed with Garrett (Gregory Jbara) after Frank agreed to go on a former police officer's podcast. Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) also teamed up with Anthony (Steven Schirripa) after Anthony's cousin was linked to a double homicide. New Blue Bloods episodes air on CBS Fridays at 10 p.m. ET.