'Blue Bloods': Vanessa Ray Confirms Eddie and Jamie's Family Future Is a 'Big Topic' (Exclusive)

Blue Bloods fans have been hoping to see Eddie and Jamie take the next step after getting married, and star Vanessa Ray is just as excited to see what kind of family they will have. After spending Season 11 talking about their future, just as Ray's character, Officer Eddie Janko, began taking on more dangerous responsibilities by working undercover. Ray avoided spilling major secrets in an exclusive interview with PopCulture, but she couldn't hide her excitement about the young couple's future.

"I am curious about what will happen, what type of family they'll make if they will have children of their own, if they will adopt if they will decide that that's not something that they want. It's definitely a big topic of discussion," Ray said when asked about what the next big step for the two could be. Eddie was introduced in Blue Bloods Season 4 as a new partner for Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and has become an integral part of the cast ever since. After years of will-they, won't-they, the couple finally married at the end of Season 9.

While Jamie and Eddie's future at home remains cloudy, Eddie's life at work is evident. She's going to be doing a lot more work out of her uniform and undercover. Towards the end of Season 11, Eddie worked a case with Det. Anthony Abetemarco (Steven Schirripa) and got a taste of a more exciting aspect of police work. In the first five episodes of Season 12, viewers will see more of Eddie out of uniform, along with her partner, Officer Rachel Witten (Lauren Patten), Ray said.

"I love doing the undercover work," Ray said. "It's fun for me as an actor because then I don't have to wear the uniform. I'm not confined to that. You're going to see me out of uniform a lot in these first five episodes. A lot of stuff with Witten, played by the genius Lauren Patten. And so we're out of uniform, or I'm out of uniform quite a bit in the beginnings of this first [episode]."

Ray also described Eddie as a "floater" since her character stopped working with Jamie exclusively. She's been able to work with Anthony and Erin (Bridget Moynahan) in some episodes and Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Baez (Marisa Ramirez) in others. Ray also dropped a "fun trivia" note, teasing that she will finally be sharing a scene in Season 12 with one actor she's never worked with outside of dinner table scenes.

We "might" also see more of Joe Will, played by Will Hochman. In Season 11, the character was introduced as the long-lost son of Joe Reagan. As for other surprise guest stars this season, Ray wouldn't say. "There are a lot of surprising things that happen in this first half of the season. Very surprising things. Shocking. And get your Kleenex out. It's good," Ray said. "This is a strong season so far." Blue Bloods airs on CBS Fridays at 10 p.m. ET.