'Blue Bloods': Danny Reagan Narrowly Avoids Joining Dead Wife in Latest Close Call

Blue Bloods fans hoping for a chance to see brothers Danny Reagan and Jamie Reagan working together again finally got their wish with Friday's episode "Be Smart or Be Dead." Although the title came from the story involving Henry Reagan and Eddie Janko, it fit Danny and Jamie's story as well. Danny was the target of a cartel hit, and it was up to Jamie to make sure Danny stayed safe, much to the older brother's chagrin.

The episode started off at the cemetery, where Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) spoke to his late wife Linda (Amy Carlson), recalling the moment he realized she was perfect to be the wife of a cop. This serene moment was interrupted by Elena Marquez (Annelise Cepero), who pulled out a gun and started to walk towards Danny. She didn't pull the trigger, though, and was later arrested. At the station, Jamie (Will Estes) explained that Elena planned to kill him. He hoped Danny could get some information out of Elana and told Danny he would have to be by Danny's side during the investigation to make sure nothing else happens to him.

(Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS)

During the interrogation, Elena claimed she was hired to kill Danny, who could not understand why she didn't fire him. She wanted to get out of a life of crime with a cartel after learning she was pregnant, and the only way to do that was to kill a cop. Munoz (Juan Francisco Villa) put out the hit on Danny. Jamie and Danny told her that she had to help them stop Munoz now or she would have her baby in prison.

Later, when Danny got home, he found Jamie had already moved in, even posting kevlar sheets behind the windows, and brought over a copy of Danny's favorite movie, The Verdict. The next day at the precinct, Jamie suggests they stage Danny's death. While Det. Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) and Danny think this is a silly idea, Jamie believes it will help them get Munoz. The idea is that Elena could convince Munoz she killed Danny with a photo, and get more info out of Munoz so they could take him down. They need a recording of Munoz admitting he ordered Danny's death.

Elena did as the police officers asked, and things were going well at the start. Munoz did admit that he wanted Danny dead and Elena would be square if Danny's "death" made headlines. If not, Elena would meet a horrible end. At this point, Elena gave the signal that something was wrong, so Danny, Baez, and other officers rushed in to help her. During the chaos, Munoz escaped with Elena. Thankfully, they could track a signal from a burner phone, which they used to find Munoz.


The criminal didn't get too far before Danny, Jamie and Baez arrived. Elena used the moment they came crashing into the hideout to escape from Munoz, bonk him on the head, and take his knife to his throat. Danny talked Elena down, reminding her that she could go to jail if she killed Munoz. She seemed ready to do that, though, because Munoz was her baby's father and her rapist. "If that baby has half as much courage as you do, it's not going to matter who its piece of crap father is, I promise you," Danny said. As she cried, Elena put the knife down, and the officers took Munoz into custody. "If I have a son, I hope he turns out just like you, detective," Elena said. "If you're lucky, he'll turn out a little more like Sgt. Reagan," Danny said as he turned to Jamie.

The title "Be Smart or Be Dead" came from a phrase Henry told a criminal when he stopped a bodega robbery in the episode. Eddie found out about Henry's good deed, but no one else did until Jamie showed the family the security tape. The episode also saw the return of Joe Hill, who clashed with Frank after he was attacked by a criminal seeking revenge. Erin's motives were questioned when she finally brought the murder D.A. Crawford witnessed when she was younger to trial. Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.