'Blue Bloods': Bridget Moynahan Hopes Sami Gayle Can Return as Erin’s Daughter Nicky This Season (Exclusive)

Blue Bloods could see the return of a familiar face soon. In a new exclusive interview with [...]

Blue Bloods could see the return of a familiar face soon. In a new exclusive interview with PopCulture, Bridget Moynahan said she is hopeful Nicky Reagan, played by Sami Gayle, will make an appearance in the show's 11th season, which premiered last week. Nicky has rarely been seen on the show since she left New York to pursue a career in San Francisco in Season 10.

Moynahan said the cast "just saw" Gayle "last week for a family dinner scene," hinting that Nicky will appear on the show soon. However, Moynahan noted that she is not sure what the writers have in store to bring Nicky back. "So hopefully she'll be coming back and doing something with us," Moynahan added. She noted how "really nice and romantic and sweet" it was for the show to have Erin Reagan's ex-husband Jack Boyle (Peter Hermann) join a dinner scene. "It was nice to have the family together then," Moynahan continued. "So anytime we can put some of those moments in Blue Bloods is terrific."

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The Reagan family has been more open to other characters joining the famous dinner scenes lately. Season 10 ended with a big moment, where Joe Hill (Will Hochman), the previously unknown son of the late Joe Reagan, joined. In the Season 11 premiere, there was a heartwarming moment when Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) brought his partner, Detective Maria Baez (Marissa Ramirez) to the table. "That was nice, to welcome another member," Moynahan said.

This year, there is something different about the dinner scenes, but audiences at home will not see it. The crew is using remote-control robots to film them, so the only people in the room are the actors. Moynahan said the robots are only used for those scenes. "We don't us those cameras for any of my other scenes," she clarified, noting how much she is "always going to be fighting to get" the crew members back in the room with the actors. "I think it's really just a precaution to keep a few people in the room given the times we're living through with COVID," Moynahan said. "So hopefully we'll move past all that and get the guys back in the room."

Blue Bloods' 11th season airs in the show's now-familiar 10 p.m. ET Friday timeslot on CBS. The show's incredible longevity is something everyone on the cast is thankful for. "I don't think anyone goes into a pilot thinking it's going to be running for over a decade," Moynahan said. "So every year we're kind of pinching ourselves."