'Big Little Lies' Season 2 First Footage Appears in HBO Teaser

Season 2 of Big Little Lies is likely scheduled to premiere on HBO sometime next year, and new details are slowly starting to emerge when it comes to the fan-favorite series thanks to photos from filming.

Thanks to a new trailer from HBO, fans now have a quick look at the result of the filming so far, with the network releasing a teaser of clips from upcoming shows including Big Little Lies, Game of Thrones and more.

Along with stars Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern and Zoe Kravitz, Meryl Streep will join the show this season as Mary Louise Wright, the mother of the late Perry (Alexander Skarsgard). Mary Louise arrives in town to investigate her son's death, which fans know —spoiler alert — came at the hands of Bonnie (Kravitz).

The teaser offers the first glimpse of a bespectacled Streep in her new role, with the Oscar winner donning a short bob for her part.

(Photo: HBO)

Streep previously appeared in a photo on Kidman's Instagram page, in character with Kidman, who plays Perry's wife Celeste, and the couple's twin boys.

Fans were also sent into a frenzy when set images showed Witherspoon's character, Madeline, throwing an ice cream cone at Mary Louise.

Witherspoon later used Twitter to confirm that Streep was, indeed, pelted with the sweet treat, seemingly indicating that all is not well in Monterey thanks to her character's appearance.

The first season of the show was based on author Liane Moriarty's novel of the same name, and it was intended to be a limited series that would cover the plot of the book. However, fan demand prompted a second season order, with Moriarty writing a new story that the show's second season will be based on.

According to Deadline, Season 2 plot points include Jane (Woodley) doing her best to process Perry's death and build a new life for herself and her son, Renata (Dern) facing difficulties in her marriage, and Bonnie dealing with the repercussions of what she did to Perry.

The second season, like the first, will be seven episodes long and will, via HBO, explore "the malignancy of lies, the durability of friendships, the fragility of marriage and, of course, the vicious ferocity of sound parenting. Relationships will fray, loyalties will erode…the potential for emotional and bodily injury shall loom."


Photo Credit: HBO