'Big Bang Theory' Season 12 Could Be the Last One

In a move that Big Bang Theory fans are sure to not be thrilled about, the series' showrunner says season 12 could be their last.

Steve Holland, who has been with the show since season three, recently opened up to Digital Spy about the future of the hit TV series.

"There's certainly stories that we still want to tell that we haven't told yet, and who knows what'll happen after season 12, so season 12 might be a nice chance to tell them," Holland said.

This seemingly suggests that by the time all season 12 episodes are written, the show will have achieved everything it wanted to.

Holland did go on to speak about what it is going on behind the scenes currently as well, saying, "We're getting pretty close to being done, at least writing season 11 – we have, I think, about another month-and-a-half of shooting – and we have some general thoughts for 12, but we'll get a break after 11 to recharge our batteries and then come in with more [ideas]."

Lastly, Holland announced that they are working on a tribute for Stephen Hawking, who guest starred in numerous episodes of the show.

"Obviously, anything we shoot now doesn't air for seven or eight weeks, so it's hard for us to be timely, but we're going to do something to honour him, because he was a huge part of the show and we were all lucky enough to get to spend a day with him hanging out on the set," Holland explained.

While the extended future of the show is a little uncertain at the moment, fans can still be excited for what is coming up in the next couple of months, including the big wedding of Amy and Sheldon.

While most of the cast has been tight-lipped about the pending nuptuals, Big Bang Theory co-star Kaley Cuoco recently stepped out at a red carpet event and ended up dishing on the big upcoming wedding.

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the Paw Works Ties and Tails Gala, Cuoco revealed that Amy and Sheldon's upcoming wedding "will be very, very strange." She then added, however, that it will also be "absolutely adorable and charming. Exactly like them."


"I'm hoping it's gonna be the season finale. I've heard they've not written it yet so, but that's been the same for Big Bang since day one," she continued, adding that "nothing is planned so anything could happen."