'2 Broke Girls' Fans Thrilled to See Beth Behrs on 'Big Bang Theory'

It's been almost a year since the hit CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls was cancelled, but when Beth Behrs showed up on Thursday's Big Bang Theory in a guest role, fans were overjoyed.

"Watching [Big Bang Theory] [Beth Behrs] makes a very cute couple with Raj," one viewer tweeted. "I hope she becomes a regular."

Behrs plays the character Nell, an admirer of Raj during his planetarium presentation. The two start a relationship that results in them sleeping together, but things hit a snag when her estranged husband, played by Sons of Anarchy actor Walter Goggins, tells them that they only separated two weeks ago.

Despite the awkwardness of the relationship, fans are hoping Behrs sticks around as a regular.

"Pretty cool that [Beth Behrs] is on [Big Bang Theory]! Possible Raj love interest?" One fan wrote.


The episode wraps with Raj convincing Nell to give Goggins another chance. Whether she'll return to the show is up in the air.

Photo: Twitter / @IAmMikeKnight