'American Horror Story' Creator Ryan Murphy Reveals New 'Clue' for Season 10

Season 10 of American Horror Story may just have a significant change of scenery if creator Ryan Murphy's latest Instagram post is any indication. On Wednesday, Murphy took to Instagram to share a "clue" for the upcoming season of the anthology series. It's safe to say that his clue has left some fans puzzled, as he posted a photo of an empty beach.

It's unclear precisely what Murphy's photo was meant to indicate, but it has still got fans talking all the same. The snap features a beach with an overturned fence and an empty house in the shot. Other than those specific details, it seems like quite a lovely day in this set-up, as the beach sits beneath a gorgeous, colorful sky. Fans immediately took to the comments section to share their thoughts on what the snap could mean, with some suggesting that the beach could have been affected by a tsunami or a hurricane. Even though AHS fans are eager to find out what the clue could mean for the upcoming season, they're in for quite a long before Season 10 of the show premieres, as it won't air until 2021.

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One day before Murphy shared this clue about AHS, FX confirmed Season 10 of the series wouldn't premiere until 2021, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The series typically premieres each October to coincide with Halloween. However, due to the industry-wide production shutdowns due to the coronavirus crisis, several programs, like AHS, have been delayed. Earlier this month, Murphy spoke about what he had planned for Season 10. According to the creator, his plans for Season 10 were "weather-dependent," which aligns with the new clue that he shared on Instagram.


"A lot of what I was going to shoot was dependent on a very specific moment," Murphy told The Wrap in early May. "It was a weather-dependent show. So now I don't know. I don't know what we're going to do. I don't know what I'm gonna do next with that show. I don't know if I'll accelerate another season or wait till next year to shoot this one." While Season 10 of AHS has been delayed, there have been details released regarding the cast for the upcoming season. According to TV Insider, many of those who have appeared in prior seasons of AHS will be making a return, such as Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and Kathy Bates. Additionally, newcomer Macauley Culkin will reportedly appear in Season 10.