10 Best Anticipated Emmy Award Winners

This Sunday, fans all over the world are going to be tuning into the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards to celebrate the very best that television has to offer. This year the competition may be more heated than ever before.

The entire ceremony is going to be hosted by Stephen Colbert and considering that television is currently riding a wave of momentum amidst a new golden age, more and more people seem to be paying attention to the award show. We here at PopCulture.com thought it would be fun to pick out the 10 Best Anticipated Emmy Award Winners!

Now are our choices shoe-ins for the win? No way (but they should be, really). Everyone’s got their predictions and opinions on who should win what awards and no one knows for sure who’s gonna take home the golden statue, but this list consists of everyone we think deserves the award more so than anyone else in their category.

Take our No. 4 spot, for example -- Fargo on FX in the category of “Limited Series.” It’s up against some great shows, like Big Little Lies, Genius, The Night Of, to name a few.

They’re all excellent shows, but out of all of the contenders (each coming off their first season), only Fargo has consistently delivered one of the best products on modern television following its third season. Based off of the film by the Coen brothers, Fargo anthologized a separate story and cast for each season and has yet to lower in quality. The first season starred Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman, the second had Kirsten Dunst and Patrick Wilson, while the third featured Ewan McGregor in dual roles as twin brothers. Just because a show can draw A-list actors like that isn’t always a sure-fire recipe for success.


HBO’s True Detective is a great example of a limited series that utilized A-list actors but wasn’t able to maintain momentum from season to season in the way that Fargo has. No small feat, for sure, which is why it’s even more important to for Fargo to win the Best Limited Series Award.

Who are the big winners at the Emmys that you are anticipating? Take a gander at our list in the video at the top of the article, and keep coming back to PopCulture.com for the best news on all your favorite TV shows!