'The Bachelor' Finale: How to Watch, What Time and What Channel

The second half of The Bachelor Season 24 finale airs Tuesday, which promises all sorts of surprises after last week's episode. The first half of the finale ended with Madison Prewett leaving Peter Weber behind during their final date in Australia.

The Bachelor airs Tuesday on ABC at 7 p.m. ET. Additionally, streaming services such as DIRECTV NOW, YouTube TV and PlayStation Vue all offer ways for viewers to watch ABC shows as they air. Some of those platforms will even offer free trials for new users. For those unable to catch it live and used to navigating online spoilers, the episode will be available to stream on Hulu the day after the episode airs so that you can catch up on everything you might have missed.

Madison's sudden abandonment of Peter happened after Peter's mother Barbara confronted her about her religious upbringing, which she believed wouldn't gel with her son's personality. Instead, she pushed him toward Hannah Ann Sluss.

Not taking his mother's advice, Peter then ran off with Madison as the two escaped to the Australian outback via helicopter. As the two started getting comfortable during their picnic, things got serious after Peter wanted to prove that their love could survive anything.

"I came here hoping to find love and I did. But I think about that phrase... 'Can love conquer all?' and it really got me thinking because I think about love and I think about how much I want you and I want this so badly," Madison said before a devastating pivot. "But I think when you want something so badly, I think a lot of times, you can't see clearly. I don't know if we can give each other what we need."

After getting picked up by a car, leaving Peter behind as a one-man picnic, Madison came clean about her decision.


"Even though I want to be with him... I feel like in my heart, it's the right thing to do," Madison confessed. "To walk away from someone that you love, it's like, the worst feeling in the world."

Host Chris Harrison told the audience that we have not heard the last from Madison, so there are plenty of surprises left when the two-hour finale of The Bachelor airs Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET on ABC.