'Chicago Med' Kills off Major Character Ahead of Season Finale

Chicago Med dealt a big blow at Dr. Connor Rhodes ahead of his final episode.

The NBC medical drama saw the fan-favorite doctor deal with a serious reality check about his childhood, before facing the death of his father presumably from his heart condition.

"Forever Hold Your Peace" saw many of the doctors face changes in their lives. As Connor (Colin Donnell) prepared for his father, Cornelius (D.W. Moffett) to be released from the hospital, he was surprised when the hospital board member remembered his birthday.

The sweet moment did not last long, however, as Connor remembered one of his favorite birthdays growing up. Cornelius bursts his bubble on the big occasion, however, when he tells Connor that his babysitter planned that party and his mother didn't show up because she was having a depressive episode.

Connor lashes out at his father saying he is lying, but Cornelius tells him Connor is always painting him as the bad guy and his mother as a savior since she died when he was very young.

Sadly, the pair are not able to work through their differences before Connor is blindsided when he finds Ava (Norma Kuhling) and the team performing CPR on his father after he crashed. Despite their best efforts, Connor and the team are unable to bring his father back and he dies.

Brokenhearted, Connor seeks comfort in his ex-girlfriend Robin (Mekia Cox) who has been in town as his mother seeks treatment for her cancer treatment. He admits that he has had a lot of doubts about his life lately, and as he sees Ava leaving the hospital, he wonders what else in his life he might have made up to cope with the darkness around him.

The penultimate episode of the season was big for many other members of the hospital staff as Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) revealed he had quit his job at the hospitals he could follow his ex-wife back to Minnesota, before she revealed her cancer wasn't getting any better and she was leaving to die.

It seems there will be more to the story to Cornelius' death, however, as the preview for the season finale teased the possibility that Connor's dad might have been murdered. Could Ava really have murdered Cornelius as revenge for ruining her relationship with Connor?


The season finale will be the final episode for Donnell and Kuhling, and given this tragic twist, there might be some more drama to come before the doctors exit the series.

Chicago Med's Season 4 finale will air Wednesday, May 22 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.