'Chicago Med': Connor's Father Suffers Serious Health Crisis

Could Chicago Med's Connor Rhodes forgive Ava Bekker after his father's health crisis?

The NBC medical drama began one of its wildest episodes this season with a bang, as Connor (Colin Donnell) came to his father's aid after he collapsed at the hospital lobby due to heart failure.

While "Never Let You Go" revolved mostly on the hostage situation at the ER caused by a 17-year-old gunman with a bone to pick with another patient, Connor and Cornelius (D.W. Moffett) were caught in the middle as the hospital board member began to feel sick at the beginning of the episode, while he was in the middle of yelling at the hospital's management for their "incompetence."

On Connor's orders, the man was admitted into the ER to be monitored for his condition, when Connor finds his father's condition is serious and needs surgery as soon as possible.

Ava (Norma Kuhling) tries to help Connor by reminding him it is not his place to treat his father since he is family, but her colleague — who is still upset over what happens between them — keeps his distance and tells her to leave him alone.

The situation takes a complicated turn after the gunman fires at his girlfriend's father at the hospital, when he finds out he is attempting to give up their baby for adoption without the 17-year-old's consent. The situation leaves many of the doctors, including Connor and a seriously ill Cornelius, trapped in the room.

As his condition deteriorates, Connor faces the shooter and attempts to advocate for his father to be taken to the OR and he can be treated by someone else. The gunman denies his request at first, but after his girlfriend starts to collapse in the middle of her labor, needing an emergency surgery and Connor's hybrid OR expertise, the two make a trade of Connor's hands for his father's safety.

After the hostage situation is contained and the shooter is gunned down by SWAT, Connor rushes to the OR floor to perform his father's procedure, only to find out Cornelius is in stable condition after another doctor stepped in.

When he asks who took over the case, one of the nurses reveals Ava did the surgery.

Ava and Connor were romantically involved until he found out that Ava slept with his father in order to secure funding for the hybrid OR project that led to Connor staying in Chicago at the beginning of Season 5.


With both Connor and Ava set to exit the show at the end of the season, some speculate the characters might mend fences and go pursue other opportunities out of the Windy City together.

What will lead Connor and Ava to leave Chicago Med? The series airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET On NBC.