'Chicago Fire' Not on NBC Thursday Due to the Olympics

Casey and Severide will be falling from a burning building much longer than anticipated thanks to the Winter Olympics on NBC. The next episode of Chicago Fire will not be on for almost a month.

The episode, titled "The F Is For," will not air until Thursday, March 1 at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT. NBC's primetime Olympics coverage starts Thursday at 7:30 p.m. ET/6:30 p.m. CT.

In the previous episode, "Law of the Jungle," Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Severide (Taylor Kinney) tried to put their differences to the side during a chemical plant fire. At the very end, they had to jump from the roof after letting go of a valve. As flames grew behind them, the two jumped into the Chicago River, but we have no idea if they landed safely. The screen suddenly cut to black.

Casey and Spencer's relationship has been on the rocks since Severide's mentor, Grissom (Gary Cole) showed up. Grissom has made Severide question his commitment to Firehouse 51, and Grissom has questioned Casey's ability to lead. This all hinted at a possible exit for Severide, but he might be sticking around awhile longer.

In an interview with TVLine after the "Law of the Jungle" aired, showrunner Derek Haas said Casey and Severide will face some medical issues after jumping off a building.

"There’s going to be some medical ramifications that play into the next episode," Haas said. "So it’s not just a throwaway cliffhanger. They both end up needing some quick rescues themselves."

The most recent episodes have also shown Cruz's (Joe Minoso) romantic feelings towards Brett (Kara Kilmer), who has yet to reciprocate.

"It’s less messy in terms of a big triangle with clear lines in it. I’d say they’re more dotted lines in this triangle," Haas told TVLine. "I think it’s one-way, Cruz towards Brett, and he realizes it. And it definitely rears its head over the next few episodes. But Cruz realizes that more important than the romantic feelings he has is the friendship that he has with her."

Deadline reported this week that there will be a new face on the show soon. Kim Delaney (Army Wives) will join to play Severide's mother, Jennifer Sheridan.

Jennifer is a church-going, scripture-quoting mom who is trying to move on from her own messy past after a divorce from ex-husband Benny (Treat Williams). However, she still has vices that are difficult to move on from.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Morris/NBC