Zach Braff's Christmas Card Is the Stuff of Nightmares

To our knowledge, Zach Braff is neither married nor the father of two children. But those two facts did not stop the former Scrubs star from posting a photo shopped family photo for the holidays to his fans on Twitter.

What is featured below will, more than likely, burn your retinas.

The written description is that it is an image of Braff in a Lacoste polo shirt standing next to a woman with a small child in her arms and another child at her side. All have Braff's face.

Now that the warnings have been given, go ahead and scroll down to see the image.

Zach Braff Christmas Tweet
(Photo: Twitter)

Braff has been romantically linked to Taylor Bagley, Bonnie Somerville, Shiri Appleby, Mandy Moore and Sarah Chalke through his career. Despite having a laundry list of female callers, Braff has not married and does not have a wife.


In 2011, Braff came out as a gay on Facebook but later denied the rumors and claimed that he was a victim of hackers.