YouTube Influencer Filmed Self Sneaking Onto Jeffrey Epstein's Infamous Island

A social media influencer on TikTok and YouTube found a way to sneak onto the infamous island [...]

A social media influencer on TikTok and YouTube found a way to sneak onto the infamous island owned by Jeffrey Epstein. In the clips filmed in August 2020 and recently shared to the social media platforms, Andy Bracco is seen walking on the late sex criminal's island with the blue and white striped building.

Bracco has actually shared the footage with a friend closer to his visit, but TikTok removed the clip. According to Newsweek, he shared it again on a new account this year and soon followed it with more clips as comments flooded in calling him out as a fake.


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The footage reached 200,000 views in just two days, with more likely jumping on at this point. The blue and white building featured a gold dome previously, but it has since been removed. According to Newsweek, the listed purpose was a music pavilion but many question the actual uses given the conspiracy theories around Epstein.

Some noted that they believed they saw photos of tunnels in the description of one of the YouTube videos uploaded by Bracco, but that doesn't seem to be the case. "If I was to have entered the unlocked temple, that I clearly came into close contact with, I would never self incriminate by showing my audience how I got in," Bracco told Newsweek. "Getting in would then subsequently have allowed me to access the tunnels. Between my two visits to the island I did peer into the temple from the outside and noticed the staircase descending downwards."

Bracco also shared that the island still seems to have work undergoing and claimed that security was present during the two alleged visits he made to the island. "Security most definitely existed on the island during both of my visits. The months of effort that went into planning for just a few hours of exploring are so disproportionate. I took in account so many things, asked as many resources available as I felt we needed to know while still attempting to remain surreptitious. On both of my visits we remained completely undetected due to following our very careful planning and other convert entry procedures. We stayed away from the main dock, the main house, and the infrared cameras," Bracco claimed.

According to Newsweek, Bracco made his way to the island by catching a flight from JFK Airport to the U.S. Virgin Islands. From there, the only access is by boat or private plane, so how he made it there is up in the air. Parts of the island reportedly still have power and the tennis court had recently been demolished. He did advise that people shouldn't follow his lead. "I have had multiple 'copycat' explorers contact me telling me they attempted to gain entry to the island recently. All have been stopped by either coast guard, armed private security on boats, or the 2 that made it to the island both told me an automated PA system yelled at the saying coast guard has been contacted and to turn back immediately," he said.