Ghislaine Maxwell: Video of Donald Trump Discussing Jeffrey Epstein's Island Resurfaces Following Arrest

A video from 2015 in which Donald Trump was asked about Jeffrey Epstein’s private island has [...]

A video from 2015 in which Donald Trump was asked about Jeffrey Epstein's private island has resurfaced following the arrest of Ghislane Maxwell. Allegedly a recruiter for Epstein, who was once her boyfriend, Maxwell was arrested in July for her reported involvement in sexual crimes.

In the video, Trump alluded to the island when explaining that former president, Bill Clinton, has "a lot of problems" coming his way due to his supposed connections with Epstein. Trump then followed that up by saying the place "was really a cesspool." He also told the media to go ask Prince Andrew, also the Duke of York, who was a known friend of Epstein and Maxwell. The interview in question occurred in 2015 before his run began in the presidential race. He was answering questions posed by Fox News' Sean Hannity at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

After Maxwell's arrest, Trump went on to express his well wishes for her. He doubled down on those controversial remarks during his Axios interview on HBO, explaining that he still does "wish her well," adding that he saw what happened with Epstein who may have died by suicide after his arrest. As for Epstein, who died while in prison after being arrested in July 2019 on federal charges for sex trafficking of minors, he was found lifeless in his cell the following month. Trump continued by saying, "Let them prove someone's guilty." He also said he isn't "looking for anything bad for her" at the end of his response.

Since Maxwell's arrest, more and more reports have come out about her involvement. Some of the latest developments claimed she tried to recruit Paris Hilton into Epstein's circle. Newly unsealed documents also show that Clinton did visit his island in the Caribbean. The documents, which included hundreds of pages of transcripts, showed email exchanges between her and Epstein, one of which involved him telling Maxwell she had no wrongdoing and to start acting like it while giving her what appeared to be a statement to protest her innocence.

Maxwell is currently in a federal jail in Brooklyn after pleading not guilty. Virginia Giuffre, an alleged victim, had her book unsealed as part of the court's latest order, with one of the stories shared expressing how "giddy" Maxwell was after a sexual encounter with actor George Clooney, according to Page Six. The manuscript is called The Billionaire's Playboy Club and describes many of her reported lovers.