'Yodeling Kid' Crushes at Coachella

Mason Ramsey, the 11-year-old "yodeling boy" who has become an Internet sensation, performed to a massive crowd at Coachella on Friday night.

Ramsey became a viral star just a month ago when a Walmart shopper recorded a video of him singing an old country-western classic in the aisles of the big box store. Since then, he has performed on The Ellen Show, in front of a massive crowd in the Walmart parking lot, and at the Grand Ole Opry.

On Friday, he cemented his place on the world stage when he sang at one of the world's largest and most trendy music festivals. He played alongside DJ Whethan, and the assembled crowd of festival-goers applauded the preteen like he was any other top 40 music star.

Among Ramsey's new fans was pop icon Justin Bieber, who was spotted in the crowd enjoying himself. Another clip later showed the two chatting backstage, Bieber presumably giving Ramsey some tips on being a burgeoning child singer.

On Saturday, Ramsey fulfilled his lifelong dream of performing at the Grand Ole Opry. The 10-year-old mentioned the ambition during his interview with Ellen DeGeneres, and she helped him make it a reality.

On Wednesday, the Illinois Walmart where Ramsey made his claim to fame set up a stage in the parking lot, drawing a massive crowd to hear him perform in earnest. Ramsey performed a few songs and showed off his dance skills as well.

"If the good Lord's willing and the creeks don't rise, I'll see you all again next time," he cried at the end of his performance, referencing an old Johnny Cash song.


The entire event was live-streamed by Walmart. Other performers also got the chance to perform for the crowd, which was incredibly responsive despite the strange venue.

Ramsey answered questions from his new fans while on stage. The young man said that he has been yodeling since he was 3 years old, and it is already paying off as he rises to national prominence. He said that he would most like to do a collaboration with Blake Shelton. At the rate his career is moving, it may not be far off.