Woman Erupts and Slams Military Veteran After Bringing His PTSD Dog Inside Restaurant

A shocking video is going viral on the Internet showing an infuriated woman unleashing an angry rant on a military veteran for bringing his PTSD dog inside a restaurant.

The veteran can be seen standing near his dog, which appears to be a Great Dane mix that is wearing an official coat identifying the animal as a service dog. Service dogs are provided to victims of serious injuries or accidents in order to serve as a sense of comfort during potentially difficult social situations.

As the woman verbally unleashed on the veteran, the restaurant staff stepped in to defend his right to bring the dog inside the establishment.

"He's allowed because he fought for our country," a waitress can be heard saying in the video.

Despite the staff's attempts to speak with the woman and get her to calm down, she lashed out saying that it was "disgusting" to have a dog in the restaurant.

"It's nasty to me, it's f–ing disgusting," she said. "There should be a separate section for the f–ing animals."

The veteran himself then tried to get the woman to calm down, but it was unsuccessful. She then turned her attention to the restaurant staff.

"Who's gonna shut me up?" she said. "Are you gonna make me?"

The woman then finally decided to leave for a moment only to walk back in and shout once again.

"It's my opinion, none of y'all are gonna change it," she said. "It's disgusting, it's gross!"

The shocking video was posted on the Internet and quickly went viral. Many social media users spoke out to criticize the woman's tirade.

"What an ignorant woman. My dog jumps on my bed and walks over my pillow etc and I am still alive. Unless you are allergic then STFU. My dog makes me stronger and someone like her in my life would just make me weaker. Which would I choose?" one user wrote, according to Daily Mail.



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