Here's Where It Will Snow and Ice on Christmas Eve, Day

Christmas is expected to be a snow day for many parts of the country, so it's a good thing kids already have the day off. Over 60 million Americans live in areas under weather alerts, from Oregon to Maine.

As CNN notes, there was a storm system over Des Moines, Iowa and Kansas City Sunday morning, which is moving eastward. The storm hit Chicago in the morning, and moved to Detroit and Cleveland in the afternoon.

Some parts of Upstate New York could see as much as two feet of lake-effect snow. The National Weather Service said Sunday morning that some parts of the region will see snow totals over 50 inches.

A storm over the Pacific Northwest is expected to bring up to two inches of snow in Seattle. Portland, Oregon is expected to see a snow/ice mix. That system will move east, through Colorado on Christmas Day.

Wyoming residents could see a blizzard on Christmas Day. Driving along I-80 could be difficult too, with six inches of snow and 50 mph winds, which will bring whiteout conditions, notes CNN.

The National Weather Service said travel in much of north eastern Maine will be "difficult to impossible" on Christmas Day. Travel throughout Boston and the rest of New England will also be difficult.

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Photo credit: Twitter/ National Weather Service