Walmart Apologizes for Paul Walker Joke After Offended 'Fast & Furious' Fans Lash Out

Walmart has apologized for a joke that was made on its official Twitter account that reference the late actor, Paul Walker. The tweet, which has since been deleted, read "Hey, Paul Walker. Click it, or ticket." It was a reply to another joke tweet from a user who'd indicated they'd be driving recklessly to take advantage of a sale on Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls. While the tweet had already rubbed fans the wrong way, Walmart also issued a formal apology over the matter.

"We apologize to Paul Walker's family, friends and fans," the statement began, according to TMZ. "The tweet was posted in poor judgment and has been removed."

Before his death in 2013, Walker was best known for his role as Brian O'Conner in the Fast & Furious franchise. His final film, Furious 7, was released after his death.

In the aftermath of the backlash, some pointed out that the tweet was actually a reference to a line spoken by Adam Devine in his old Comedy Central sitcom, Workaholics. Even though the episode initially aired prior to Walker's death, others felt it was made in poor taste.

Walker's daughter, Meadow, has turned to charitable endeavors in the years following the tragedy. On what would have been her father's birthday in 2015, she announced the establishment of The Paul Walker Foundation, which hopes to help "ocean leaders of tomorrow become beacons in the fight to protect our oceans, wildlife, and ourselves."

More recently, she announced a new initiative to help build a school, which she launched with the help of Pencils of Promise, a for-purpose organization that aims to increase education in Lazos, Guatemala and Ghana.

Back in December, Walker has already raised more than $11,000 of her $50,000 goal since launching her fundraiser, which was also dedicated to her late father.


"Today, I am launching a campaign with [Pencils of Promise] to build a school," Walker wrote on Instagram at the time. "This is the season of giving and my biggest wish is to provide a space for these children to learn. Everyone deserves a good education."

Nathalie Emmanual paid tribute to her late co-star on Instagram back in December. The Game of Thrones actress first joined the franchise in Furious 7, which was Walker's last entry. In the caption, she wrote that "it was my honour to work with him and be a part of his final movie and we continue his legacy."