Video Shows Police Officer Punching Young Woman on New Jersey Beach

A video of New Jersey police violently detaining a young woman on the beach went viral on Saturday [...]

A video of New Jersey police violently detaining a young woman on the beach went viral on Saturday afternoon.

The video was posted a by user under the name of Alexis Hewitt. She recorded three police officers punching, choking and restraining a young girl in the middle of a crowded beach. One officer is clearly visible delivering three harsh blows to the young lady's face and putting her into a choke hold, while the other two hold her legs and body down.

"I was sleeping on the beach and I woke up to this," Hewitt wrote. "I can't believe it."

She confirmed that the attack took place in Wildwood, New Jersey at 4:11 p.m. She added: "Just putting it out there I'm only sharing what I saw happen directly in front of me. I am not anti-police I'm just sharing what I saw."

When another user asked for details on how the altercation began, Hewitt did her best to explain.

"I spoke to the family after she was arrested," she wrote. "And they said that all that happened after she passed a breathalyzer test and she didn't want to give her last name because they didn't have a reason for it since she passed."

In the video, police and apparently other beach-goers repeatedly urge the woman to "stop resisting" as she struggles against the chokehold. When she can get air, she repeatedly yells out "It doesn't matter, you're not allowed to hit me and choke me like that!"
"I didn't do anything wrong!" she adds. Other witnesses can be heard gather the badge numbers of the officers involved.

The clip was re-posted on Facebook by a woman named Emily Weinman, who identified herself as the one being detained. She explained that she had alcohol with her, but it was in sealed containers. She was able to pass the breathalyzer test.

"It's Memorial Day weekend and 90 percent of people are underage drinking on the beach, without a doubt," she added. Weinman explained that she also had her 18-month-old daughter with her, making her hesitant to give all of her information to the police. She feared what would happen to her child if she was detained.

"Yes, i know I should've gave him my name," she admitted in her post. "I was partly wrong in a way but I was scared; Like I said I didn't do anything wrong and anything could've been written on that paper, the whole situation was iffy and I didn't trust it.. especially being aware of the fact of how grimy law enforcement can be now a days."

In the end, Weinman revealed that the police didn't even take the alcohol away from her underage friends, or finish taking down their information.

"They obviously were there to stir the pot," she wrote. "I know I'm not the first this happened too and definitely am sure that I will not be the last!"