Fox News' Tomi Lahren Melts Down Over Fake Festivus Meme Featuring Her

Tomi Lahren declared "snowflake melting season" on her special Christmas edition of Final Thoughts earlier this week, but it turns out she may have inadvertently been roasting herself. After all, many claimed that she was the snowflake following her meltdown involving a Seinfeld joke and a fake meme.

(Photo: Twitter / @FoxNews)

A Photoshopped image of the Fox News host blasting President Obama for creating Festivus — the holiday for the rest of us — in an effort to finally destroy Christmas made its way throughout the internet recently.

Seinfeld fans will remember that Festivus was created as an alternative to Christmas in response to the commercialization of the holiday.

Many pointed out that the meme was a joke and clearly not from an actual broadcast, but it eventually made its way to Lahren, who was not pleased with the graphic.

The source of the meme seems to be the Seinfeld Current Day Twitter account, with @Seinfeld2000 taking much pride in the Photoshop as part of the Festivus celebrations.


An account modeled in the 1990s sitcom's image appears to have created the fake meme, which in turn got back to Lahren and incited a rage just in time for a merry Christmas — which Obama has never shied away from wishing, by the way.