Tom Brady Kissed Son on Lips and Twitter's Fine With It: 'Get Your Mind out of the Gutter'

Tom Brady found himself at the center of controversy when a video showed him kissing his 11-year-old son on the mouth, but Twitter is fine with it and thinks people need to get their "mind out of the gutter."

In the Facebook Watch documentary Tom vs. Time, Brady is seen getting a massage when his son Jack comes in, chats with him briefly then gives him a kiss on the lips, as reported by The Daily Mail.

Some took issue with what they felt was an "uncomfortably long kiss" but others have no problem with it whatsoever.

"Anyone who feels it was inappropriate for Tom Brady to kiss his 11 year old son should get their mind out of the gutter. All I see is a loving dad... and last I checked, that was a good thing," fired off Carley Shimkus, a FOX News reporter.

"Oh FFS. Tom Brady's son giving his dad a kiss on the lips does not raise any questions. If you see something creepy in that video then that's on you," added news columnist Rita Panahi.

"I'm siding with Tom on this one. We all probably need to hug and kiss our loved ones more often not less. Don't have a problem with the duration. Let's not crucify good parents," said another Twitter user.

Others, like, Doctor Jesse Kelly, felt like "while that kind of dude on dude smooching is not personally" their thing, "a father being affectionate with his son is not QUITE the problem we have in the society."

There have also been some who feel like criticisms of Brady and his son showing affection come with sexist undertones, such as the person who tweeted, "I'm going to go ahead and say that this a lot to do with our society's discomfort with men and boys showing affection. Affection is for girls."

Some people have taken a much more aggressive stance in their defense of Brady. "I hate Tom Brady, too, but what we're not gonna do is shame a dude for openly showing affection to his son. Tom's married to a lady of German descent. As a lady of German descent, yeah man, we kiss family on the lips. Stop sexualizing s— you don't understand," blasted one Twitter user.

A couple of NFL players defended Brady as well, with Travis Kelce telling TMZ that it is just "father/son love," and Hall Of Famer Willie Roaf joking, "I wouldn't do that...but I don't have a problem with it."

On the whole, many people seem to feel like the controversy is "much ado about nothing," with one person hitting back at critics by joking, "Tom Brady can't kiss his son, but ya dog can lick you all in your mouth?"