Tik Tok Influencer Tries to Start 'Coronavirus Challenge' by Licking Toilet Seat

While many across the country have begun to live a life of self-quarantine and take precautionary [...]

While many across the country have begun to live a life of self-quarantine and take precautionary steps to limit the exposure of the coronavirus, others, at least one particular Tik Tok user, seem to be taking a different approach. On Sunday, one account on Twitter uploaded a clip of the influencer attempting to start up the "Coronavirus Challenge."

What that "challenge" entails has left many viewers stunned. The woman, who goes by the username Avalouiise, in the clip is seen completing the task by licking a toilet seat, a complete 180 from the social distancing and sanitizing approach that is going on across the nation.

Nonetheless, the video has left many with a bad taste in their mouth with many taking to the network to express their disgust over the alleged "challenge."

"I just saw a tik-tok video called 'Corona Challenge' and it was a girl licking a toilet seat in an airplane," one user wrote on Twitter. "I am honestly thinking the worst of humanity right now."

"It boils my blood seeing people act so stupidly to the virus," another Twitter account wrote. "Starting 'corona challenge' by licking things...... hoarding sanitizer and TP like it'll do something. Common sense ain't so common anymore."

Unlike another dangerous viral trend like the "Tide Pod Challenge," this one doesn't seem to be gaining any steam from others. Many of the responses voice concern over the other diseases that could be contracted from doing such a thing.

"That lady will get more than Corona licking that toilet seat," one tweet read.

The coronavirus has create a stir across the country and only amplified as it begun to hit celebrities, like Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson along with NBA stars Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. Since then, Hollywood has seen a big impact with production halting across many companies and on a local scale, many stores have begun to make adjustments to their operations.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @CashNastyGaming