'The View': Meghan McCain Earns 'Manic' Nickname After Explicit Blow-Up in Front of Live Audience

Meghan McCain has a new nickname following a series of outbursts on and off camera on The View. [...]

Meghan McCain has a new nickname following a series of outbursts on and off camera on The View. Daily Mail reported that producers at the show are calling the co-host "Manic McCain" as a result of her on-set behavior.

On Tuesday, McCain went off during a commercial break following a segment during which she mixed up Warren Binford, a Willamette College of Law professor, with Sarah B Fabian, a Justice Department lawyer. McCain called the latter a "holdover from the Obama administration" during the show.

Whoopi Goldberg, acting as moderator during the segment, restarted the conversation, but McCain was still angry, according to Daily Mail.

"Meghan became unhinged! She screamed, 'This is some bulls---! What are you producers good for?'" a source told the outlet.

The insider continued, "As usual, a bunch of producers ran to calm her, but before they could she turned to the show's executive producer Brian Teta and said, "You motherf---er, how could you let t his happen to me?'"

An ABC spokesperson told Daily Mail, "Meghan has a great relationship with Executive Producer Brian Teta. Their exchange during the commercial break was playful and nothing more. Making something more of it is completely ridiculous."

Daily Mail's source alleged that the incident occurred "in front of the live studio audience." As a result of McCain's verbal confrontation with Teta, human resources was called in. Sources told Daily Mail they did not anticipate that their would be repercussions.

"Top ABC News executive James Goldston is Meghan's biggest fan. Despite what she's done to morale behind the scenes at the show and despite the viewers feedback on her being dreadful, he's enamored with her family legacy," an insider told the newspaper.

The source added, "At this point, Meghan is starring in the talk show version of How to Get Away With Murder."

Producers worked to calm McCain down before the commercial break was over. The show's panel did not immediately address the confusion, but ABC News called in co-host Sunny Hostin to deliver a legal not of clarity in the show's final segment.

"I want to clarify what we were talking about during Hot Topics," Hostin said at the end of The View, identifying both women by their correct names and roles. "Two different women, two different topics."

McCain interjected, thanking Hostin for providing clarity.

"I screwed up. Thank you for fixing it Sunny," she said on the show.

McCain has been taking a lot of heat lately. She's been attacked on Twitter for comments she made dismissing the severity of what kids being separated from their parents at the border are enduring in migrant camps. McCain compared their plight to that of her later father, John McCain, who was captured and tortured.

"Hey [Meghan McCain], my dad wasn't around for the first seven years of my life because he was kidnapped by terrorists. They did, however, let him brush his teeth and shower occasionally and he says 'torture' is a fine word to use here," journalist Sulome Anderson tweeted.

"In case you were worried that Meghan McCain wouldn't be able to find a way to make the issues of America's child concentration camps actually about our failure to show her and her father the proper respect, this is a big relief," another media member tweeted.