'The View': Whoopi Goldberg Slams Co-Host Meghan McCain During Controversial Debate

The View panel moderator Whoopi Goldberg slammed her co-host Meghan McCain during a highly controversial abortion debate on Friday.

The ladies were discussing presidential candidates, when Joy Behar asked McCain what "policy" she objects to, after McCain stated that the only Democratic presidential candidate that she doesn't feel is “too far to the left” is Joe Biden.

McCain explained that it would take too long to go through them all, but specifically referenced “late-term abortion” as something that Democrats support that she does not.

Goldberg, who normally stays as neutral as possible, interjected by exclaiming, “I want to say something. There is no such thing as late-term abortion. There is no such thing!”

McCain tried to disagree by saying that late-term abortions does happen, to which Goldberg fired back, “You cannot do abortions after a certain amount of time unless there is some sort of danger.”

The former Fox News personality then stated that “there’s the debate right now” about what constitutes late-term abortion.

This prompted Goldberg to admit that she is aware of this, but adding that she simply wanted to make sure the audience knew "it’s not correct” and “it’s not happening.”

Many fans of the show have since weighed in on the debate online, with one tweeting, "Good conversation. I’m glad Ana is there to balance out Meghan’s rants with regard to a Republican point of view. Clearly, there seems to be no love lost between them, but I appreciate Ana standing her ground & not screaming whatever talking points she thinks she needs to add."


"Most people don’t object to Meghan because of her conservatism, it’s her unrelenting verbally abusive rude my way the highway, spoiled conversations, that folks like us don’t find appealing when you’re suppose to be a fair, likeable representative of The View, ABC and Disney," someone else said.

The View airs weekdays at 11:00 a.m. ET on ABC


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