Taco Bell Reportedly Testing New Menu Items Starting at $1

Taco Bell is hoping to give you more bang for your buck. With a menu that already consists of [...]

Taco Bell is hoping to give you more bang for your buck. With a menu that already consists of relatively low prices, the fast food chain is currently testing a series of new value menu items at select locations across the nation, with the items bearing the low price tag of just $1. The mouth-watering items include everything from Grilled Cheese Stackers to Stacked Bowls to Primo Burritos, though, at this time, these items are only hitting menus in a limited capacity as test runs, though it's possible they will roll out nationwide.

A Taco Bell spokesperson gave Thrillist a rundown of the items, which come as the chain celebrates its 59th anniversary. Up first on the chain's test runs is the $1 Spicy Tacos. Currently available in the Columbus, Ohio area, these turn up the heat on the traditional taco and come in mild jalapeño, medium chipotle, and white hot ranch varieties, with the last version packing some serious heat with the addition of Ghost Chili peppers. In Kansas City, Missouri, meanwhile, customers stopping by participating locations can taste the new Primo Burritos. Priced at $1, the Loaded Taco Primo Burrito features seasoned beef, crunchy red strips, reduced-fat sour cream, and cheddar cheese in a flour tortilla. At a bit of a steeper price of $1.49, fans can get their hands on Chicken Enchilada Primo Burrito, which comes with grilled chicken, reduced-fat sour cream, seasoned rice, cheddar cheese, and enchilada sauce in a flour tortilla.

According to the spokesperson, Taco Bell is testing several other items as well, though they cost a bit more. In Houston, Texas, for example, the $2.49 Grilled Cheese Stackers, layer seasoned beef, a three-cheese blend, and nacho cheese sauce in a folded flour tortilla, are being tested. A trip north to Cleveland, Ohio will have Taco Bell lovers feasting on a similarly-inspired item, the Chicken Enchilada Grilled Cheese Burrito, which, for $2.99, gets you flour tortilla topped with a layer of grilled cheese that is stuffed with chicken, seasoned rice, a three-cheese blend, crunchy red strips, enchilada sauce, and reduced-fat sour cream.

Taco Bell is also giving Stacked Bowls a test. Currently available in Portland, Oregon, there are three iterations – the Stacked Taco Bowl ($4.49), the Stacked Avocado Ranch Chicken Bowl ($4.49), and the Stacked Steak Melt Bowl ($4.99). The bowls boast a mix of delicious ingredients, with both the Stacked Taco Bowl and the Stacked Avocado Ranch Bowl boasting an all-new ingredient: purple cabbage.

While it remains to be seen if the above-mentioned items, including the $1 items, will ever roll out nationwide, Taco Bell is giving fans plenty to celebrate. In March alone, the chain has not only announced it would be bringing back the Quesalupa nationwide, but it also added the new Wild Strawberry Lemonade Freeze beverage to the menu.