Stimulus Checks: Joe Biden Reportedly Plotting Trillion-Dollar Relief Plan

If Joe Biden is elected president come the November election, his advisers believe he'll be ready to move forward with a trillion-dollar stimulus plan in January. According to Axios, they believe his plan would begin to roll out some time next spring as long as things go smoothly. The article explains that the program would take on some resemblance of the $3 trillion Cares Act II that was passed in May by the House of Representatives.

That, though, will likely remain an issue even if the Democrats win the Senate along with Biden securing more votes than his counterpart and current president, Donald Trump. Biden's plan, which is referred to as Build Back Better, would come in very ambitious as it seeks to generate up to $2.7 million into manufacturing and infrastructure within the country. A lot is likely to change with the plan, however, as much depends on what happens in the fall when Congress returns from its recess and policymakers begin to seek common ground on another stimulus package.

Biden and his aides have seen firsthand what measures are needed to be taken when it comes to putting a relief plan together after taking over for the prior president. Biden, who served as Barack Obama's vice president, and his economic advisers were a part of the 2009 stimulus package that amounted to $787 billion as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Axios notes that those same people felt it was "inadequate" and would want to put together something even bigger to reinvigorate the economy.


With the election rapidly approaching and debate season nearing -- Trump recently explained his hope of having the candidates drug tested beforehand due to Biden's most recent debate -- Biden has been active in the press. On Monday, he visited Pittsburgh and took aim at Trump after he accused the Delaware native of likely being "soft" on crime if he was the president. Biden said that Trump is "incapable of telling us the truth" and is unable to heal the country amid social unrest. Over the past few days, Biden has frequently countered Trump's claim of American's feeling unsafe in "Joe Biden's America," including one tweet on Monday that noted, "the violence you're seeing is in Donald Trump's America."