Stimulus Checks: 'Forgotten 15thers' Petition Signed by Thousands After Possible IRS Glitch

Support is growing for an online petition called "The Forgotten 15thers," which represents Americans who have not received updates on their stimulus check in over a month. The people signing the petition all say they used the IRS' online Get My Payment tool within the first three days after it launched, yet they still do not have their relief money. They are petitioning the Treasury Department for more information on their money.

Over 4,200 people have now signed an online petition for "The Forgotten 15thers." They are asking the IRS to explain why their Economic Impact Payment has not arrived yet, and why the agency's website has not worked out for them. The people signing the petition say that they registered on the Get My Payment website on April 15, 16 or 17 — its first three days of operation — and were promised to have their stimulus check within 11 days. Many are now approaching four weeks with no updates.

The "Forgotten 15thers" petition is still racking up more signatures by the hour, and quickly approaching its goal of 5,000 names. The petition is addressed to the IRS, and asks for clarification for people in this specific category. Many are left wondering if their information was somehow lost in an administrative shuffle, as others who used the website later have had more success.

Some users are worried that a glitch may have mixed up their payment along the way. The story has already been picked up by CNN, with more and more pundits giving the story consideration. So far, the IRS and the Treasury Department have not commented on the "Forgotten 15thers."

Many people have commented on the petition around social media, sharing their story of coping with the coronavirus' sky-high unemployment numbers. Some have revealed the bills they are behind on, saying they are in danger of losing their housing, having utilities shut off or having cars repossessed.


"Ultimately this issue needs to reach the Internal Revenue Service to be properly addressed," the petition reads. "Without the ability for individuals to contact this department at the moment, our voice needs to be heard in order to get this issue lifted up and noticed. Thank you all for your time and participation."

This is just one of the quirks and confusions in the disbursement of the Economic Impact Payments meant to help Americans weather the coronavirus pandemic. The IRS has been trying to juggle the task of distributing these payments while also processing 2019 taxes, and all with a light staff. Information on the Get My Payment website is only updated once per day at most, the IRS says.