Social Media Can't Handle These Edible Chocolate High Heels

Chocolate and shoes may be two of a womans favorite things, but a recent video showing edible glitter high heels has been met with mixed reactions from social media.

The shoes, first shared in a video by Insider, are created by Cacao & Cardamom Chocolatier in Houston, Texas by using molds to make the heels. Once the molds have set, the chocolate shoe is then covered in edible glitter.

The ultra-realistic shoes, which one chocolatier claims some don’t’ want to eat because they look so real, quickly began circulating online, and social media just can’t handle them.

Some Twitter users are all for the idea of edible glitter heels.

Others think that it may be taking a chocolate addiction, or foot fetish, a bit too far.


Some are just a bit confused with the concept.

While chocolate heels are a top seller, Cacao & Cardamom Chocolatier specializes in other treats, like chocolate men’s shoes, chocolate purses, and more. They also specialize in artful truffles.