'Shameless' Alum Emmy Rossum Rallies Her Followers to Vote out Donald Trump Amid George Floyd Protests

In response to the death of George Floyd, an unarmed African-American man who was killed by officer Derek Chauvin after he knelt on his neck, many celebrities have spoken out in support of the protests calling for justice in the case. More specifically, many of those celebrities, like Emmy Rossum, have also voiced their frustrations over the leadership shown by President Donald Trump amidst rising tensions in the country. On Twitter, Rossum noted that there needs to be work done on "ourselves" and when it comes to changing our leaders, ending her message by telling her followers to vote Trump out come November.

Rossum's Twitter messages began by noting that there has been "no call for peace from T***p." She went on to share that change is "hard" and that if the country wants to make these necessary changes to support the black community, then they need to work for it. She did write that this work is hard, but "that's why it's called work." In a separate tweet, she wrote that the president does not want to do the work. Instead, she shared that he "stokes the fire and hides in his castle like a sniveling child," while black and brown citizens die in the United States. The former Shameless star ended her thread by calling for change in the form of voting Trump out in the general election in November.

Rossum's message comes as American citizens are protesting all across the country in honor of Floyd. Some of these protests have turned violent, with individuals looting businesses. On Twitter, Trump responded to these incidents by calling protestors "thugs" and writing that "when the looting starts, the shooting starts." Naturally, given his violent message, many took issue with the president's words.


His response was a far cry from the one shared by his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, who did call for peace amidst these protests. She wrote, "Our country allows for peaceful protests, but there is no reason for violence." She then went on to acknowledge that Americans are hurting right now, adding, "I've seen our citizens unify & take care of one another through COVID19 & we can't stop now. My deepest condolences to the family of George Floyd. As a nation, let's focus on peace, prayers & healing."