10 Noises Guys Make During Sex

Sexual noises are a completely normal part of sex, but women are usually seen as the vocal parties. Men typically are a bit more embarrassed about getting loud, but they do have have some natural responses that are hard to hide.

Cosmo listed out the 10 vocalizations guys make during sex, and they pretty much can be broken down into three main categories: positive sounds, natural reactions and embarrassing noises.

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On the positive side of things, you have your expected reaction from a pleasurable sexual experience. You have your natural moans, your "oh yeahs" and the like. These are go-to signs that that they're enjoying themselves. Especially when "I'm coming" is thrown into the mix.

But you can also spice up your positive vocalizations by throwing in some dirty talk. It could be a little weird, but if your partner is open to it (and clear boundaries are given), guys can spice up their sex by dishing on their steamy thoughts mid-act.

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As far as natural reactions, you have some things that just happen in the heat of the moment. Heavy breathing happens when the guy is really focused into it, and grunts can also happen the same way. Screaming can also be involuntary depending on the moment.

It should also be noted that grunts and screaming can also be involuntary in the worst ways. Maybe he grunts due to discomfort or lets out a scream because there's suddenly an intense pain in his manhood.

On the embarrassing front, you have those noises that no guy means to make. Those weird, non-voluntary noises (either vocally or bodily) can really throw off the moment, so just try to ignore them in hopes that the mood can be salvaged.

Squeals are also in this roadhouse. He might be going for a sexy, aggressive moan or scream but fails spectacularly. Just try not to laugh and pretend it was as hot as intended.


And while those noises are weird, at least its not our final sex reaction: complete silence. It's a bit creepy when one partners is just stoic and doesn't give any signals of pleasure. At least give off a "yeah" or quiet moan or something. Being quiet will ultimately make your partner think you aren't enjoying the act, which ruins the moment for everyone involved.