Save a Lot's Hours Limited Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Save a Lot is among the many grocery stores chains shaking up its hours and other practices as the U.S. is afflicted with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The company, based in St. Ann, Missouri; has 1,300 stores around the country, and those stores will now be working with reduced hours. However, there is no national mandate on those hours. Local stories will apparently carry this out at their discretion, based on the message posted on the company's website. These will apparently help employees have time to clean the store thoroughly and restock shelves.

"With the increased demand in our stores, we will be adjusting our opening hours in some locations to allow our teams time to clean and restock as needed," the company wrote on its website on March 15. "We apologize for this inconvenience but believe it will ultimately allow us to better serve you. Check your local store for details."

Additionally, stores are also limiting quantities of some item customers are allowed to buy at one time. While no specific measures were announced, the company wants to ensure "every customer has access to needed essentials," and it is "working to restock daily." Save a Lot also has employees cleaning surfaces more frequently to prevent the spread of coronavirus and other germs in its stores.

The company did not clarify sick leave policies and paid PTO for employees in their statement, but they have "given guidance and support" to employees to prevent sickness and "have an excellent support system" for employees who feel "unwell."

Overall, the company says these are all apart of their attempt to keep stores open and allow customers to buy essential needs during the pandemic.


"While the impact of the COVID-19 situation changes every day, Save A Lot is committed to doing everything we can to serve you well," the company statement read. "We know that it’s a time of uncertainty and great stress for all of us. As your neighborhood grocer, our aim is to provide you with confidence and the certainty that we are here for you and committed to do our part in helping you through this.

"We want to continue to be a reliable destination for the food and supplies you need for your family. There is no question that our stores are being shopped hard and some items are in short supply. Rest assured that our stores, retail partners, distribution system and suppliers are taking an all-hands-on-deck approach to replenish important items quickly so that we can continue to provide the high-quality food and outstanding value you expect from us."