At Least 30 Injured in San Francisco Bus Accident

At least 30 people were injured yesterday evening when a bus tumbled onto its side in San Francisco. The accident took place on Highway 101 at Cesar Chavez Street. All 29 passengers as well as the driver sustained some form of injury, though no fatalities have been reported.

ABC News is reporting that most injuries are scrapes, cuts, and bruises, with a few fractures possible. Six of the passengers were initially labelled in "critical" condition, though the number later dropped to four. Nine are listed in moderate condition, and the remaining 16 passengers miraculously escaped with only minor injuries.

Early statements from the police say that the driver simply lost control of the vehicle. The bus hit the median barrier in the center of the highway, then careened across to tip over on the right-hand side. The driver -- a 29-year-old male -- passed a full sobriety test. Mechanical experts are examining the bus for other possible causes of the crash.


The accident cause serious traffic delays throughout the night on Highway 101. Aerial footage shows cars stopped for miles behind the scene of the crash. The over-turned bus blocked a lane of traffic, while emergency crews had to secure the area in order to safely remove the passengers and investigate the cause.