Rudy Giuliani Accidentally Posts Video of Himself Doing Racist Impression of Asian Man

This week, Rudy Giuliani or someone on his team accidentally uploaded a video of Giuliani doing a [...]

This week, Rudy Giuliani or someone on his team accidentally uploaded a video of Giuliani doing a racist impression of an Asian man. The awkward moment came at the end of a podcast were Giuliani interviewed former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. At the time of this writing, Giuliani remains a cybersecurity adviser for President Donald Trump.

Giuliani recorded a Common Sense podcast with Spicer on Tuesday, and uploaded an extended cut of it on YouTube. This included footage from after the interview, where Spicer logged off and Giuliani joked with other people in the room, performing his racist impression to no laughter or applause. The video was set to private when they realized their mistake, but clips of it are still circulating on social media.

According to a report by Mashable, Giuliani was talking to a woman named Jayne Zirkle, and for some reason telling her that she was going to become "the most famous model in China." He then began speaking in a mock-Chinese accent and making stereotypical hand gestures, saying over and over again: "Ah, get me Jayne Zirkle. Jayne Zirkle!"

"Jayne Zirkle, pick up. I want Jayne Zirkle... Picture Jayne Zirkle, that's all. No one but Jayne Zirkle," Giuliani went on, looking around the room for a reaction. So far, Giuliani has not responded to requests for comment on the video from various news outlets and has not commented on it publicly himself.

This was just the latest case of Giuliani ironically making huge social media mistakes, in spite of his position as a cybersecurity adviser to the highest office in the country. Trump gave Giuliani this informal title in January of 2017, and within weeks, Giuliani made headlines for forgetting the passcode to his iPhone. According to NBC News, the cybersecurity adviser "was locked out of his iPhone because he had forgotten the passcode and entered the wrong one at least 10 times," forcing him to go to the Apple Store Genius Bar.

This week, Giuliani's reputation and legacy were further complicated when former Trump attorney Michael Cohen told MSNBC that he "is being played by the Russians." He added: "Rudy is — Rudy is drunk all the time, which is a big problem and that's what makes him susceptible because his faculties are gone. He behaves crazy... I've seen him drink to the point like he's a high school drunk, and it makes him susceptible."