Ronald Reagan's Son Calls out Trump Children Over White House Roles

Ronald Reagan's son, Ron, is not a fan of Donald Trump's children and their role at the White House. Appearing on CNN and speaking to Ann Cabrera, Reagan didn't hold back in expressing his displeasure for how the likes of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, among others, are using their roles to benefit only themselves. This quote isn't the first time Reagan has come on the attack against Trump; he shared similar sentiments at the start of the year when talking about how his father would view the current administration.

"They're using the hotels and the golf clubs to profit off the presidency," Reagan surmised. He noted that he respects them for being active on the campaign trail and urging voters to get out and support their father. He feels they crossed a line, though. In adding his children to his cabinet, Reagan said Trump gave out these positions to people with "no qualifications." However, with their new job titles, Reagan says they are able to "make money" and help themselves out. Reagan dismissal of Trump and his children comes on the heels of Tuesday's presidential election.

Moving away from targeting Trump's children, the 62-year-old was asked what he believes his father would feel about the current regime and how the Republican party has turned out to be. Reagan served as the 40th president of the United States for two terms between 1981 and 1989. In regards to today's Republican landscape, Reagan said his father would be "horrified" by what it looks like, "The spinelessness in the face of this pathological entity in the White House right now would shock him."

He blames Trump for causing the "damage" to the party. Reagan went on to list adjectives that he said would be used to describe his father and that none of them would apply to the current regime, "the Republican Party has been complicit in degrading those values."

While Reagan showed a lack of support for Trump in his interview, the 45th U.S. President was gearing up his final rally stops ahead of the election. Trump made stops on Monday in North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, all of which are states Trump is hoping to keep red.


Election coverage will run throughout the evening across the major networks and continue into the late hours with wall-to-wall coverage beginning with polls on the east coast closing and going up until the west coast polls closing.