Donald Trump Goes After Lady Gaga, Jon Bon Jovi and Jay-Z for Supporting Democrats

On the eve of Election Day, President Donald Trump was active on the campaign trail, making stops in key states in his bid for reelection. During his visit in Pennsylvania, Trump went on the attack of some big-name celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Jon Bon Jovi and Jay-Z. He also threw a shot at NBA superstar Lebron James as the crowd even erupted into a "Lebron James sucks" chant at one point.

The reason for Trump calling out these celebrities has to do with them voicing their support for Biden and performing at various stops on the campaign trail. He called out Lady Gaga, who both performed and gave a speech at Biden's stop in Pittsburgh on Monday, by telling the crowd that he has plenty of stories to tell them about her, though never getting into any of them. He then dragged Bon Jovi into the mix, explaining that the rocker "kisses my ass" despite his political beliefs whenever he seems him. The New Jersey-born musician recently performed at one of Biden's events. He wrapped up his celebrity onslaught by referencing Jay-Z and Beyonce's performance for Hillary Clinton in 2016 when Jay-Z dropped "f-bombs" to the crowd.

During his stop in Ohio on Monday, Trump didn't miss the opportunity to call out James, a native of Akron, and knock the NBA and NFL ratings. "How about basketball, how about Lebron, I felt badly for Lebron… down 71%," Trump said of the ratings dip during the NBA's time in the Disney World bubble. With the crowd riled up, he continued to dig into the sports world and how athletes have disrespected the flag by not standing or taking in the national anthem, "No one wants to watch. Nobody."


With polls pointing to Biden potentially holding an advantage with early voting ahead of Tuesday, Trump and his team made strategic stops in states that will be advantageous to claim victory. He first was in North Carolina before heading to Avoca, Pennsylvania, and eventually up to Michigan and Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Biden also made several stops in Pennsylvania in a state that is one of the most prominent players come election night.