Prince Harry Steps out Without Meghan Markle for Royal Family's Easter Service

Prince Harry attended the Easter Sunday church services with the royal family, although Meghan [...]

Prince Harry attended the Easter Sunday church services with the royal family, although Meghan Markle missed it.

Prince Harry ventured to st. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle on Sunday for the traditional Easter church services. He joined his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II for her 93rd birthday, and marked the occasion with the rest of the royal family as well. However, with her baby reportedly due sometime soon, Markle could not make the journey.

Prince Harry arrived alone at the chapel in a navy suit and a light blue tie, looking bright for the spring holiday. He was photographed chatting happily with some friends, then heading inside along with Prince William and Kate Middleton. Both were also dressed in cheerfully bright shades of blue.

Finally, the Queen herself showed up in a light blue suit as well, with a hat to match wrapped in a bright pink ribbon. The official Kensington Palace Twitter account marked the monarch's birthday with a post showing some of her biggest smiles from recent events.

"Wishing a very happy 93rd birthday to Her Majesty The Queen!" the tweet read.

Many royal admirers were hoping that Markle would give birth on Sunday, so that her baby would share a birthday with Queen Elizabeth II.

Markle, 37, has opted to give birth at a small hospital near her new rural home at Frogmore Cottage. She and Prince Harry have reportedly decided not to pose for photos immediately after the birth, as some royals like Middleton have done. Therefore, it may be some time after the birth before fans even know about the baby.

According to a statement by Kensington Palace, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not announce anything until they "have had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family." Naturally, this has many speculating that the baby has already arrived.

For example, many superstitious royal admirers guessed that the baby was born on Friday. April's full moon, known as a "pink moon," has been associated with inducing childbirth in the past. This is a dubious claim by scientific standards, but it has royal admirers on high alert on an already exciting weekend.

Whenever they arrive, it is up to Markle and Prince Harry to decide when to introduce their little one to the world. The couple will reportedly unveil their baby in a photoshoot on the grounds of Windsor Castle sometime after he or she is born. The so-called "Baby of Sussex" will be seventh in line for the throne.