Popeyes Treats Fans to New Plant-Based Sandwich That May Be Best Yet

Popeyes has become the latest fast food chain to tailor its menu to become more vegetarian and vegan friendly. The beloved fast food chain, which in 2019 kicked off the ongoing fast food chicken sandwich wars, has introduced an all-new new plant-based sandwich to the menu – Creole Red Bean Sandwich. A partnership between the plant-based food company LIVEKINDLY Collective and Popeyes, the sandwich debuted in the U.K. on Nov. 20, instantly becoming a fan-favorite.

Dubbed by Karin Rotem, Chief Scientific Officer at LIVEKINDLY Collective, as an outstanding, innovative, premium item that is delicious and offers the authentic Cajun flavor that Popeyes is known for across the world," the Creole Red Bean Sandwich features a crispy, breaded 100% plant-based patty that is topped with the signature Red Creole sauce, sweet pickled red onion, baby gem lettuce, and a thick slice of ripe beefsteak tomato. All of those mouth-watering items are sandwiched between a buttery toasted vegan brioche bun.

(Photo: Popeyes)

According to Popeyes, the plant-based patty is certified Halal and registered with the Vegan Society. It is made with Popeyes' iconic red beans and bold Cajun spices with onions, garlic, peppers, then battered and breaded using a vegan version of Popeyes' signature buttermilk coating system. Popeyes said the patty is baked until hot and crispy and said the sandwich is "Popeyes' answer to a growing demand for plant-based products amongst its customers."

"From the first bite we were convinced this sandwich would be a new star on the menu for all our consumers," Peter Genna, Director of Popeyes Global Culinary Innovation, said in a press release. "t was developed to be Popeyes' gold standard vegan offering, but I also developed it for all our customers to enjoy, as it complements our other menu offerings and brand heritage extremely well. Made with only the finest ingredients and Popeyes signature bold seasonings and spices, we can't wait for our customers to taste it in the U.K. and look forward to bringing this delicious sandwich to other markets around the world."


While the Creole Red Bean Sandwich is currently only offered in the U.K., Popeyes said it plans to make the sandwich available worldwide. However, the chain did not give any time frame as to when that global rollout could happen, so it is unclear when Popeyes fans in the U.S. will have the chance to taste the mouth-watering new sandwich.