Pickle-Flavored Vodka Recalled Amid Reported Illnesses

Spirits lovers with a hankering for some pickle flavor are out of luck. Earlier in December, Taynton Bay Spirits recalled their Pickle Vodka due to high levels of copper, making the alcoholic beverage a health risk to consumers, according to a notice shared by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

The recall was issued on Dec. 14 and only affects the company's Pickle Vodka. The recalled product was sold in a 750-mL size and features UPC 2805595308 and "Batch # 36." An image of the recalled product, including the product label, can be found by clicking here. The recall stems from Canada, where the vodka was sold in British Columbia, Alberta, and also online. The CFIA noted that the recalled product "may have been distributed in other provinces and territories."

The company issued the recalled over concerns of high copper levels in the vodka. While ingesting small amounts of copper daily is necessary for human health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevents (CDC) notes that "ingesting too much or too little copper can lead to illness and/or disease." Ingesting high amounts of copper, something that is most often done through drinking water due to copper pipes and acidic water, can result in vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Ingesting high levels of copper overtime can "lead to severe illness, such as kidney and liver damage," per the CDC. The CFIA said "there have been reported illnesses that may be associated with the consumption of this product."

Due to the health risk the product poses to consumers, Canadian health officials urged those who purchased the recalled Taynton Bay Spirits Pickle Vodka should not consume it. The product also should not be used, sold, served, or distributed. Amid the recall, the CFIA is conducting a food safety investigation, the agency noting that the investigation "may lead to the recall of other products." The agency is also "verifying that industry is removing recalled products from the marketplace."

Unfortunately for Canadian consumers, this is not the first time a pickle-flavored vodka has been recalled this year. Back in August, Minhas Sask Ventures Inc. recalled Sask Prairie brand Dill Pickle Flavoured Vodka. The recall, affecting 750-ml bottles, was recalled due to the possible presence of glass pieces in the vodka. However, the recalled was only given a Class 3 classification, meaning there was a "low risk that consuming the food may result in any undesirable health problems." The notice for the most recent recall did not list a classification level.