Photos Show Golfers Casually Playing While Oregon Wildfires Rage in the Background

Even though a 31,000-acre wildfire is burning through Oregon, a group of dedicated golfers was photographed finishing out a round on the course as the flames swelled nearby in the distance.

This past Wednesday, at the Beacon Rock Golf Course located in Washington state, the massive Eagle Creek wildfire could be seen raging through trees on a nearby hillside.

The staff at the golf course took to Facebook to share a look at golfers carrying on as per usual with the flames approaching across the Columbia River.

"Our golfers are committed to finishing the round!" the post read.

The image shows three golfers putting on the green as two others in the background stare at the fire.

The staff at the golf course posted other photos to show the devastation that is being caused by the fire.

"View from the clubhouse. Viewing the magnitude of the fire and thinking of how many people will be affected and for a long time. So thankful no lives lost," the caption read.

One of the golfers, Brandon Crawford, was featured in one of the photos that went viral on Reddit. While he doesn't know who took the photo, he said that it is definitely real.

"They were definitely not faked," Crawford said, according to OregonLive. "When we started there was a fire maybe the size of a grocery store. By the end of hole two, it was just crazy. The big one you're seeing on the Internet was hole nine."

Even though the fire appeared to be extremely close to the course, it was over a mile away from where the golfers were in the photos.

Despite the distance from the course, the raging fire caused pieces of ash to fall in the air over the course where they were playing.

After the photo went viral on the Internet, many called into question the safety of playing golf with the wildfire so close.

"Some people said, 'Wow, it's awesome,' while others wondered, 'How could they keep playing golf?'" Mark Mayfield, Beacon Rock's operations manager, told CNN.

At this time, the fast-moving fire has not been contained.




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