Brutal Cold Snap Freezes Over Niagara Falls

The wintry weather is even effecting the eighth wonder of the world, as Niagara Falls is partially frozen in today's brutal cold snap.

The series of waterfalls are a huge draw for tourists, so there's plenty of photo evidence to show the cascades of water freezing in midair as it falls.

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The temperature at the falls was 18-degrees Saturday, but it's expected to drop into single digits and stay there for most of the weekend.

On top of that, there's blistering winds, making the conditions even more unbearable. Visitors posted awestruck photos and videos of the icy falls, marvelling that the water could freeze in mid-air like that.

To show how extreme the weather is right now, meteorologists at the Mount Washington Observatory posted a video of a scientist pouring a kettle of boiling water outside. Between the wind and the cold, the water turned to snow almost as soon as it l left the pitcher, and the wind whipped it away.


The temperatures are expected to remain frigid, possibly making for the coldest New Years Eve on record. Experts warn that hypothermia and frostbite are possibilities from the Mid-west all the way to the East coast, so revellers should plan on remaining indoors and travelling as little as possible.