Melania Trump's State of the Union Outfit Draws Criticism

Melania Trump arrived to the State of the Union wearing all-white, and many are not happy.

The First Lady arrived separately from her husband, President Donald Trump, in a white pantsuit. It was a perfectly fine design, but many took offense to the possible meaning behind the outfit.

Numerous members of Congress in attendance chose to wear black in order to stand with the Time's Up movement in protesting sexual misconduct. Trump wore the complete opposite, so many saw it as a straight up affront to the movement.

"Why is Melania Trump wearing all white?" one viewer wrote. "She is clearly wearing an all-white pantsuit as a statement against the Democratic women."

However, others saw no problem with the choice and simply complimented her. They either were not aware of the Time's Up protest or did not care about it.


"Melania Trump looks statuesque elegant [and] beautiful in an impressively tailored [and] very feminine white pant suit. Gorgeous!" one viewer wrote.

To tune in to the State of the Union address, click here.